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0000056Bacula-Webfeaturepublic2019-03-27 18:48
ReportercraigAssigned Todavide 
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Platformi386OSCentosOS Version5
Product Version5.2.10 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000056: Report to show directories included in a backup job
DescriptionA report that will show a list of directories included in a given backup job. This could be used both internally as manual verification of directories included in the job or a report to the clients listing the directories shown in the job.

The ability to email the report (or download) would be nice plus.
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2012-08-10 11:22

manager   ~0000144

Will try to include this feature asap.

Thanks for your feedback



2013-03-01 23:39

reporter   ~0000225

Just adding a bump for this feature request. It would be nice to get file listings for a job (not just dirs) as well. Seems like this should be doable by mimicking "list files jobid=xxx" in bconsole. For security purposes, perhaps this could be behind an authentication wall, but maybe that should be filed under a separate feature request.



2013-03-02 11:33

manager   ~0000226


I agree with you, user authentication is required in Bacula-Web (a new request have been created in the bug tracker).

I'm currently working on those features requests (on a different branch) and hopefully, they they will be available soon.




2019-03-27 18:48

manager   ~0001010

Hi @craig,

Oups, that's an old feature request.

File and directory listing is available since Bacula-Web 8.3.0.
Just to let you know, I'd like to improve how it's displayed in the job report for next release (8.3.1).

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