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0000262Bacula-Webbug-phppublic2019-03-11 18:36
Reportermisere_beAssigned Todavide 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformbacula 5.2.13OSLinux RHOS VersionRHEL 7.X
Product Version8.0.1 
Target Version8.3.0Fixed in Version8.3.0 
Summary0000262: Biggest jobs size is total job size
DescriptionIn the dashboard, the "biggest backup jobs" have a size that is equals to the total amount of data for all the jobs with the same name.

So it does not equal the amount of data for one job, what ever the job.

Steps To ReproduceHow i got the issue :
* Install the 8.0.1 version on RHEL/apache.
* Connect to a bacula director 5.2.0. with a user having Read Only rights.
* Select the director, compare "client jobs total" with "Biggest backup jobs".
Additional InformationHere a screen shot with hidden backup names. Here one item is show but the problem appears for each job name.

I can do some work for the SQL request.
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2018-08-23 17:20



2018-08-24 15:45

manager   ~0000841

Both widgets "Biggest backup jobs" & "Clients jobs total" seem's to display same statistics.


2019-02-23 12:55

manager   ~0000955

Looks like the screenshot is gone ?!?

Can you provide it again please ?


2019-02-24 13:38

manager   ~0000957

Never mind, the issue with attachment is fixed now.


2019-02-24 13:59

manager   ~0000958


Please find below the expected Bacula stats from each widget.

"Clients jobs total"
- List jobs per type with jobs, files, bytes
- Total of Files, Bytes and Jobs per type of job.

"Biggest backup jobs"
- List biggest backup job names (sum).

I agree that both widget has pretty much the same statistics.
Maybe "Biggest backup jobs" might need to point to only ONE backup job.
The job name should be "clickable" to see job details.

What do you think ?


2019-03-11 18:26

manager   ~0000992

Widget fixed.

The bug fix will be included in next release

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