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0000229Bacula-Webbugpublic2018-03-05 09:01
ReporternobodyAssigned Todavide 
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
Product Version7.4.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000229: can't expand menu with dot in name
DescriptionOn pools page (pools.php) if we have pools where in name dot (ex.: mysql.pool1 or - this menus can't expand. This actual for version 7.4, 7.3. Tested for google chrome, mozilla firefox, opera. Screenshot:
Additional InformationEnv: centos6, php5.5, bacula-dir 5.2.13
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2017-11-16 08:49

reporter   ~0000705

+ one more screen:


2017-11-17 12:17

manager   ~0000709

Let me check what I can do

Did had a try to 8.0.0-rc.1 already ?
This version doesn't use accordion anymore for pools and volumes.


2017-11-17 12:35

reporter   ~0000710

I can't try to 8.* , cuz i can't satisfying the requirements of it. 7.* it's only possible for me. Now i use 7.2.0 .


2017-11-17 13:48

manager   ~0000711

PHP 7.2 should work out of the box.

Please have a try then I'll update the documentation


2017-11-20 10:37

reporter   ~0000712

My bacula-web installed on production server where i have many other sites, and i can't install php7.2 just cuz i want it. And move bacula-web to another server i can't to. The only one way for me - use bacula web 7.2 .


2017-11-20 11:18

manager   ~0000713

I understand, no problem.
We (sysadmins), sometime can't do whatever we want/need on production servers.

Let me check if 8.0.0-rc.1 works using PHP 5.6 then I'll get back to you.

I see that PHP 5.6.* will receive security updates only until 31 Dec. 2018, so it might be a good idea to update both documentation and Bacula-Web test page.

I'll update your request asap.



2017-11-20 12:04

reporter   ~0000714

> We (sysadmins), sometime can't do whatever we want/need on production servers.
Yep, it's true :(
Don't worry about it and don't hurry, i already use bacula web 7.2 and all is OK. Not sure, but i think no one can let me install composer and all dependencies for bacula web 8.*
P.S. My php is 5.5.38 (Standard php on centos 6).


2018-03-05 09:01

manager   ~0000737

As of version 8.0.0-rc2, a full archive of Bacula-Web is available (no need of Composer).

Here's the documentation

I'm closing this bug report, feel free to reopen it if you need.

Best regards

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