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0000211Bacula-Websecurity-issuepublic2018-03-03 21:21
ReportergsorondoAssigned Todavide 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version16.04.1
Product Version7.4.0 
Target Version8.0.0-rc2Fixed in Version8.0.0-rc2 
Summary0000211: SQL Injection in jobs.php
DescriptionThe "jobs.php" script is vulnerable to SQL injection because it fails to sanitize the contents of the "pool_id" parameter.
This allows an attacker to compromise the application, access or modify data, or exploit vulnerabilities in the underlying database.
Steps To ReproduceThe following GET request can be used to extract the result of "select @@version" query.

GET /jobs.php?status=0&level_id=&client_id=0&start_time=&end_time=&orderby=jobid&jobs_per_page=25&pool_id=11%27%20UNION%20ALL%20SELECT%20@@version%2CNULL%2CNULL%2CNULL%2CNULL%2CNULL%2CNULL%2CNULL%2CNULL%2CNULL%2CNULL%2CNULL%2CNULL%2CNULL%23 HTTP/1.1

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
            <td class="text-left">
Additional InformationMy name is Gustavo Sorondo and i'm the CTO of "Cinta Infinita Information Security" (
This vulnerability was identified during an internal penetration test on one of our clients.

We believe on responsible disclosure, so the vulnerability details or existance will not be made public until there is a fix for it.

Feel free to contact me for more details.
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2017-08-09 03:00



2017-08-09 08:58

manager   ~0000617

I confirm the security issue

CHttpRequest::getSafeValue() use strip_tags PHP function to "sanitize" $_GET and $_POST user input.
This is obviously not enough

I'll fix the code and provide a fix asap.

Thanks for rising this security issue


2017-08-13 10:43

manager   ~0000623

To be honest, using PDO bind_params or bind_value was something I'd like to use but I didn't know it will prevent SQL injection.
This is something I'll implement but not in next version, as it involve too much change in the code.
I'll rather use html_entitites and filter_var first then switch to paramettrized queries in a second time.
Thanks for the tip


2017-08-17 13:35

manager   ~0000625

Yes please, I'll send you the pre-release source code so you can check if I've done things in the right way.

Thanks for your help


2017-09-07 08:24

manager   ~0000637


I'v made some tests with Arachni and found out that there's other PHP scripts which doesn't protect against SQL injection.

I'm working on a fix and want to make sure it fix the SQL injection problem
Do you mind telling me which tool you're using ? Is it a opensource/free tool ?

Thanks for your feedback


2017-09-11 07:29

manager   ~0000639

Any feedback ?


2017-09-12 09:00

manager   ~0000641

Thank you for your feedback

I'll let you know when I'm ready with a potentially "fixed" version of Bacula-Web


2017-09-18 11:20

manager   ~0000663

I've found a way to implement PDO_Statment::bindParam() faster and simplier than expected.
A "fixed" version of Bacula-Web will be available soon :)


2017-09-30 09:11

manager   ~0000683

I'm done with a fixed code.
How do you want to test it ?


2017-10-01 10:40

manager   ~0000685

The code is available here ->
I'll let you know when a publicly available instance of Bacula-Web is available.


2017-10-05 10:35

manager   ~0000686

a test version of Bacula-Web is available now (details below)

user: admin
pass: sqljam

Please be "gentle" with your sqlmap queries, this is an openshift instance ;)

Thanks for your feedback and help


2017-10-07 07:49

manager   ~0000688


Did you had time to test it ?
Best regards



2017-10-07 08:17

reporter   ~0000689

Sorry Davide

Busy week. Will have an update in a few days.



2017-10-07 09:01

manager   ~0000690

No problem

I'll wait on your feedback before releasing next version

Thanks for your help


2017-10-09 09:33

manager   ~0000695

I've decided to disclose this security issue in 8.0.0 release notes.

P.S: I hope you will be able to test this week


2017-10-12 22:47

reporter   ~0000696

Hey Davide.
I am not able to access
Looks like there some PHP issues.
Please fix this so i can test it.
It's OK to disclose the security issue in the release notes. We will wait for the new version to go live, and make our own disclosure for discovering the vuln and request a CVEID, following our responsible disclosure policy (


2017-10-13 08:32

manager   ~0000697

The demo is now fixed, you can test it.

Regarding security issue disclosure.

Just to clarify my plans.

Within the next few days, I'll release version 8.0.0-RC1, which is not a stable version.
This security issue will not be part of the release notes of this version, but only of the next stable major version (8.0.0).
A version 8.0.0-RC2 is already plan and it might be a 8.0.0-RC3.

I expect to release 8.0.0 within few weeks, unless I did any serious mistake in the code ;)

The idea is simply not to enforce Bacula-Web users to upgrade to a "potentially" unstable version to avoid SQL injection.

Does it sounds good to you ?

Thanks for your help and your valuable feedback


2017-10-16 04:18

reporter   ~0000698

Hey Davide.

I have verified that the injection on client-report.php and backupjob-report.php has been fixed by checking that the parameter is in an expected values array.

The code for jobs.php is the one that seems to have changed the most.

I'm seeing some PHP errors in the demo site. Pool filter doesn't seem to be working on jobs.php.
I think it would be faster if you add me to Hangouts ( and we can have a more dynamic communication channel.

I will be out of office till tuesday. We could have a talk then and check if the vuln has been fixed on jobs.php.

By the way, CVE-2017-15367 has already been assigned to this vulnerabilities and is pending public disclosure until you release the fixed version.



2017-10-16 12:01

manager   ~0000699


The issue with jobs.php with pool filter is fixed in up-stream source code.
I will update the demo website

Good idea, let's talk on Hangout. It will faster and more productive.

Thanks for create the CVE, I'll mention it in 8.0.0 release notes.



2018-02-28 17:11

manager   ~0000730

demo is up to date with latest fixes.

i'll release new release candidate version this evening


2018-02-28 23:17

reporter   ~0000732

I can no longer get DB information by exploiting SQL Injection in the "job_type_filter" parameter.

However i can still generate a SQL error by inserting a single quote within the "job_orderby" parameter. I haven't been able to exploit this one, but it might be exploitable. Same fix should be applied to this parameter.


2018-03-02 09:17

manager   ~0000733

I have fixed the SQL error while inserting a single quote with the job_orderby parameter.

Demo website use latest source code, please confirm

Thank you


2018-03-02 21:58

reporter   ~0000734

Issue has been fixed. I have no knowledge of exploitable SQL injection issues as of now.


2018-03-03 21:21

manager   ~0000735

All SQL injection bugs are fixed now.
Closing this bug report

Thanks again Gustavo.

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