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0000166Bacula-Webbugpublic2015-09-24 14:13
Reporterleomaia.ecoAssigned Todavide 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platform64 bitsOSWindowsOS VersionWindows 7
Product Version7.0.2 
Target Version7.0.3Fixed in Version7.0.3 
Summary0000166: joblogs.php is showing wrong jobid
Descriptionjoblogs.php page shows information from the previous jobid selected;

Steps To Reproduce1) Reports
2) Jobs
3) Select any Job ID
4) Go back
5) Try to select another Job ID (different from the last one)
The joblogs.php does not show the jobid information properly. In this case the parameter seems to be fine however the page shows the previous jobid information. It might be something related to a session variable, because if we try to update the page a few minutes later it works fine.

Shows jobid 9 information

Shows jobid 9 information
Additional InformationReproduces at:

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related to 0000167 resolveddavide Problem enabling Smarty template cache 



2015-02-13 04:58

manager   ~0000471

I'll look at the code and get back to you


2015-03-03 13:35

reporter   ~0000480

Doesn't seem to be linked to a session information because I have the same problem using wget (without any session header/cookie) :

wget -O - "http://xxxxx/bacula-web/joblogs.php?jobid=5" 2>/dev/null | grep travail
<dt>Id du travail</dt> <dd>5</dd>

wget -O - "http://xxxxx/bacula-web/joblogs.php?jobid=6" 2>/dev/null | grep travail
<dt>Id du travail</dt> <dd>5</dd>


2015-03-03 13:43

reporter   ~0000481

could be related to and


2015-03-03 14:13

reporter   ~0000482

Setting $this->caching = 0; in core/app/cview.class.php allows me to see reports for various jobs.


2015-03-04 12:20

manager   ~0000483


As you've mention, the source of the issue come from the Smarty template enabled.
I'm going to release a "short" maintenance/bug fix release quickly (hopefully before Saturday which will address this issue.

I'll update all bug reports and liknk those to the bug 0000167 that I'v created.

Thanks guys for your precious comments.



2015-03-26 14:51

manager   ~0000487

Fixed in version 7.0.3

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