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0000165Bacula-Webbugpublic2015-03-26 14:51
ReporterhooverAssigned Todavide 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version7.0.2 
Target Version7.0.3Fixed in Version7.0.3 
Summary0000165: Problem with the catalog selector
DescriptionHello Davide,

thanks much for the update. I have a problem with the catalog select
button on the top right of the page: we have six catalogs defined
there, but while the main page displays the correct statistics, the
catalog select button randomly displays some catalog from the list and
hardly ever displays the correct catalog that's currently selected.

Any idea what could be wrong? (centos 6.x, stock php, bacula-web
installed in a separate directory on the webserver).

Cheers, Uwe
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related to 0000167 resolveddavide Problem enabling Smarty template cache 



2015-02-05 13:49


bacula_web.png (127,462 bytes)
bacula_web.png (127,462 bytes)


2015-02-05 13:50


config.php (3,321 bytes)


2015-02-26 09:56

manager   ~0000475


Apparently, the source of your issue come from Smarty template caching (see link to a note on another bug below)

I'll have a look at this and get back to you soon.

Thanks for your feedback.


2015-03-26 14:51

manager   ~0000486

Fixed in version 7.0.3

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