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0000154Bacula-Webbug-phppublic2014-12-16 17:05
ReporterdavideAssigned Todavide 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version7.0.1 
Target Version7.0.2Fixed in Version7.0.2 
Summary0000154: Potential bug in constant definition (
DescriptionIn the file, the constant VIEW_CACHE_DIR is set in a relative way (see below).

define('VIEW_CACHE_DIR', "application/view/cache");

If the file is called from another folder than the root folder, Smarty cache folder wouldn't be found by the script.

The constant should be defined like this
define('VIEW_CACHE_DIR', BW_ROOT . "/application/view/cache");
Additional InformationThis bug is related to bug report 0000152 (reported by md3k)
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related to 0000152 resolveddavide cache folder must be writable by Apache user 



2014-12-16 17:05

manager   ~0000432

Bug fixed in Release 7.0.2

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