Released 2012-08-10
0000033: [bug] Client report stops at RestoreJob (BaculaWeb 5.1.0 alpha) (davide)
0000038: [feature] with multiple catalogs every client is shown in Reports drop down (davide)
0000042: [feature] Dashboard can not show all graph legends (davide)
0000045: [feature] Backup job - ability to see logs (davide)
0000055: [translation] Upgrade pt_BR translation (davide)
0000057: [bug-html] Bacula-web does not display a version string in the web interface (davide)
0000061: [bug-html] Design issue with Internet explorer 8 (davide)
0000058: [bug-html] client-report.php is reporting deprecated notice errors about split() (davide)
0000059: [bug-html] Large numbers are showing apostrophes instead of commas for thousands separator when language is set to en_EN (davide)
0000062: [bug-php] SQLite connection issue - invalid data source name (davide)
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