Released 2017-10-19
Release candidate 8.0.0-rc1
0000181: [feature] Filter jobs by Type on Job Reports page (davide)
0000002: [feature] Use icon for volume status (davide)
0000224: [bug-php] PHP notice in client report for Windows clients (davide)
0000198: [documentation] Pb with symlink in .tgz ?? (davide)
0000088: [feature] View with Multiple Catalog (davide)
0000005: [feature] Volumes sort order (davide)
0000214: [bug-php] Last used volumes widget in Dashboard display unused volumes (davide)
0000197: [feature] Add Client and Week size (davide)
0000199: [feature] Include a Kind of JobTotals (davide)
0000173: [feature] Choose different period for Backup job report (davide)
0000212: [bug-php] Backup job report page should only display backup jobs (davide)
0000155: [feature] Display Completed jobs with errors in Dashboard (davide)
0000210: [feature] Add a "reset to default" option in Jobs report page (davide)
0000129: [feature] Allow disabling some types of backup jobs (davide)
0000206: [bug-php] Expired and period fields do not use custom date format (davide)
0000177: [bug-html] graphing overlap on index.php (davide)
0000196: [bug] after install bacula web , the test page is OK but the index page returns errors : (davide)
0000208: [documentation] Error assinging owner to config.php (davide)
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