Version: 5.1.0 (alpha)
Release date: released on 25th July 2011
0000006: [feature] Scale Down bytes backed up to Kbytes, Mbytes or Gbytes (davide)
0000011: [bug] Wrong size of database with postgreSQL (davide)
0000012: [bug] Wrong spelling in popup (davide)
0000019: [bug] Unreadable dates in graph (davide)
0000022: [bug-php] List of jobs are no more display as expected (davide)
0000024: [bug-design] Improve design of Bacula-Web when there's a lot of volumes (davide)
0000025: [bug] Images not appearing correctly in latest version (davide)
0000026: [bug-pgsql] PostgreSQL error (davide)
0000004: [bug] Make w3c standard html code (davide)
0000027: [bug-php] PHP Errors (davide)
0000029: [bug-pgsql] Unable to get volume number from catalog (davide)
0000030: [bug-html] Error.gif instead of Images (davide)
0000031: [bug-php] Big Red X in right side when Full mode is enabled (davide)
0000034: [bug-php] Useless PEAR:DB include in file (davide)
0000041: [bug-php] Got an error in bacula 3.1.0 while in test page of php. (davide)
0000007: [feature] Use JPgraph instead of phplot (davide)
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