Released 2015-01-23
Bugfix and maintenance release
0000137: [bug-php] Pie graph empty if there's no value (davide)
0000160: [bug-html] Graphs loaded randomly (issue 146 not yet fixed) (davide)
0000146: [bug] Graphs sometimes disappear on Firefox 33.0 (davide)
0000147: [bug-php] Improve support for PHP version >= 5.5 (davide)
0000140: [bug-php] Fix and improve breadcrumb navigation (davide)
0000145: [bug-design] Catalog selector should display current catalog name (davide)
0000158: [bug-php] Catalog id stored in user session should not take precedence over default catalog (davide)
0000150: [bug-php] Improve check of $_GET value for joblogs.php (davide)
0000156: [bug-php] Icon not visible for completed jobs with errors in Jobs report page (davide)
0000154: [bug-php] Potential bug in constant definition ( (davide)
0000153: [bug-php] Missing file include in client report page (davide)
0000151: [bug-php] Period string not translated in Dashboard (davide)
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