Released 2016-04-04
Minor bugfix and feature release
0000185: [bug-php] Wrong backup job speed in Backup Job report (davide)
0000174: [bug-php] PHP issues with non-static methods call (davide)
0000172: [bug-php] Sometimes we see negative 0.00 compression value in job view (davide)
0000170: [bug] Warning: Division by zero in jobs.php (davide)
0000171: [bug-php] Running and Waiting jobs older than 24 hours are not visible in Dashboard (davide)
0000157: [feature] Add missing job status filter (Terminated with errors) in Jobs report page (davide)
0000159: [feature] Volume report slot in tape robot (davide)
0000169: [translation] Update pt_BR translation (davide)
0000175: [feature] Display total of Bytes for each Pool (davide)
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