Released 2014-07-29
0000130: [bug-php] Y axis title is missing on some bar graphs (davide)
0000113: [bug-php] Bar plot graphs display data based on 1GB only (davide)
0000115: [bug-design] Add a "reset" in Jobs report option box (davide)
0000114: [feature] Order jobs by date in Jobs report page (davide)
0000108: [bug-mysql] Error with catalog size with MySQL 5.5.32 (Ubuntu0.12.04.1) (davide)
0000120: [feature] Display Jobs speed and compression in Backup Job report page (davide)
0000111: [bug-php] Problem with Jobs Report page and PHP prior 5.2 - Call to undefined function date_parse() (davide)
0000116: [bug-php] division by zero after update to 6.0.0 (davide)
0000126: [bug-php] Wrong value for Total files and Total bytes in Dashboard (davide)
0000124: [bug-php] PHP class autoloader do not work when Bacula-Web not under Apache root folder (davide)
0000123: [bug-php] Job summary shows as single line in joblogs.php (davide)
0000121: [bug-php] Job log not using
for EOL (davide)
0000127: [security-issue] XSS and SQL injection security issue (davide)
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