Released 2013-11-11
0000043: [feature] Job Status Report for a specific client (davide)
0000073: [feature] Widget "Last 24 hours status" should be switchable to LAST_WEEK and LAST_MONTH (davide)
0000076: [bug-design] Add noscript submit button where ever it does not exist (example provided) (davide)
0000089: [bug-mysql] Bypass database size information in Dashboard for MySQL version 4.x.x (davide)
0000098: [bug] gitignore included in tarball (davide)
0000101: [bug-pgsql] Wrong SQL to make 'Last used volumes graph' (davide)
0000102: [bug-pgsql] error on get information from remote postgresql server (davide)
0000106: [feature] Default jobs number settings in configuration (davide)
0000107: [feature] Jobs average speed in Jobs and backup job report (davide)
0000067: [feature] Dashboard date range selector (davide)
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