Released 2019-04-22
Minor bug fix and maintenance release
0000299: [feature] Display job status in last backup job (Backup job report) (davide)
0000298: [security-issue] Upgrade Bootstrap to version 3.4.1 (davide)
0000297: [bug-php] Errors on restore jobs level in jobs report page (davide)
0000296: [bug-php] NOTICE type error after user sign out (davide)
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Released 2019-03-16
Minor feature and bug fix release
0000262: [bug-php] Biggest jobs size is total job size (davide)
0000255: [feature] Dashboard: Clicking on numbers and graphs should display report (davide)
0000291: [bug] Language translations doesn't work anymore (davide)
0000289: [feature] Implement file listing within a job (davide)
0000293: [documentation] Update documentation for Fedora (davide)
0000290: [bug-php] Division by zero with backup job compression (davide)
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Released 2019-01-28
Minor bug fix release
0000286: [bug-php] Handle missing localized numeric and monetary formatting information (davide)
0000287: [bug] Email address not displayed in user settings page (davide)
0000288: [packaging] Fix missing bootstrap-validator using Composer (davide)
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Released 2019-01-06
Minor feature and bug fix release
0000274: [bug-design] Warn users if authentication back-end db does not exist (davide)
0000276: [security-issue] Smarty - Fix CVE-2018-13982 (davide)
0000254: [bug-php] Warnings with PHP 7.0.27 (davide)
0000275: [documentation] Fix incomplete documentation for upgrade (davide)
0000273: [documentation] Instructions to download archive not accurate (davide)
0000271: [feature] Add debug mode on application level (davide)
0000282: [documentation] Update outdated Composer installation (davide)
0000283: [documentation] Update PHP package instructions for RHEL/Centos 6 users (davide)
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Released 2018-11-07
Minor feature and bug fix release
0000270: [bug-html] Tabs doesn't work in Settings page (davide)
0000269: [bug-php] Status icon not displayed for verify jobs (davide)
0000268: [bug] Problem using job name link if not backup job (davide)
0000244: [feature] Filter volumes in changer (davide)
0000264: [bug-php] Only see volume status icon when status is append (davide)
0000263: [feature] Filter volumes by pool on Volumes report (davide)
0000251: [bug-php] Job duration > 1 day looking weird (davide)
0000220: [bug-php] Pie charts values should not use decimal (davide)
0000141: [feature] Pagination in report pages (davide)
0000252: [documentation] Missing permissions steps in Install from archive chapter (davide)
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Released 2018-06-22
Minor bug fix version 8.0.1
0000248: [documentation] Documentation issue (davide)
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Released 2018-06-01
Major stable version 8.0.0
0000241: [bug-php] Breadcrumbs navigation is broken (davide)
0000161: [enhancement] Improve application errors/warnings exception message (davide)
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Released 2018-03-17
Release candidate 8.0.0-rc3
0000217: [documentation] Update documentation with Nginx and Apache server configuration (davide)
0000240: [documentation] Unable to install via Composer (davide)
0000238: [documentation] Unable to install Bacula-Web using Composer (davide)
0000242: [bug] Wrong link to test page in Exception page (davide)
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Released 2018-03-02
Release candidate 8.0.0-rc2
0000211: [security-issue] SQL Injection in jobs.php (davide)
0000236: [security-issue] XSS vulnerabilities in jobs page (davide)
0000092: [feature] Implement user authentication (davide)
0000230: [bug-php] Exception message Language translation problem (davide)
0000233: [bug] Wrong empty volume's date (davide)
0000232: [bug-php] Error while ordering volumes (davide)
0000231: [bug-php] Volume slot number should be set to n/a if not in changer (davide)
0000227: [bug-php] Deprecated split() function with PHP-7.0 in BWeb class (davide)
0000226: [bug] Clicking job name in jobs.php gives http error 500 (davide)
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Released 2017-10-19
Release candidate 8.0.0-rc1
0000181: [feature] Filter jobs by Type on Job Reports page (davide)
0000002: [feature] Use icon for volume status (davide)
0000224: [bug-php] PHP notice in client report for Windows clients (davide)
0000198: [documentation] Pb with symlink in .tgz ?? (davide)
0000088: [feature] View with Multiple Catalog (davide)
0000005: [feature] Volumes sort order (davide)
0000214: [bug-php] Last used volumes widget in Dashboard display unused volumes (davide)
0000197: [feature] Add Client and Week size (davide)
0000199: [feature] Include a Kind of JobTotals (davide)
0000173: [feature] Choose different period for Backup job report (davide)
0000212: [bug-php] Backup job report page should only display backup jobs (davide)
0000155: [feature] Display Completed jobs with errors in Dashboard (davide)
0000210: [feature] Add a "reset to default" option in Jobs report page (davide)
0000129: [feature] Allow disabling some types of backup jobs (davide)
0000206: [bug-php] Expired and period fields do not use custom date format (davide)
0000177: [bug-html] graphing overlap on index.php (davide)
0000196: [bug] after install bacula web , the test page is OK but the index page returns errors : (davide)
0000208: [documentation] Error assinging owner to config.php (davide)
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Released 2017-05-07
Bug fix and minor feature release
0000205: [feature] Filtering by pool on jobs report page (davide)
0000176: [feature] Custom date time format in config.php (davide)
0000186: [feature] Add column "InChanger" in Volumes/Pool (davide)
0000204: [enhancement] Provide SHA checksum for Bacula-Web compressed archive (davide)
0000203: [bug-php] Ubuntu PHP version string problem (davide)
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Released 2016-06-28
Minor feature and bugfix release
0000190: [bug-php] Some backup jobs in Jobs report page shows a duration of 0 second (davide)
0000192: [feature] Add filter by Start/End Time in Jobs report (davide)
0000180: [bug-php] DrawGraph No data array error in http logs (davide)
0000187: [bug-php] Total of bytes per pool problem in Pool and volumes report (davide)
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Released 2016-04-04
Minor bugfix and feature release
0000185: [bug-php] Wrong backup job speed in Backup Job report (davide)
0000174: [bug-php] PHP issues with non-static methods call (davide)
0000172: [bug-php] Sometimes we see negative 0.00 compression value in job view (davide)
0000170: [bug] Warning: Division by zero in jobs.php (davide)
0000171: [bug-php] Running and Waiting jobs older than 24 hours are not visible in Dashboard (davide)
0000157: [feature] Add missing job status filter (Terminated with errors) in Jobs report page (davide)
0000159: [feature] Volume report slot in tape robot (davide)
0000169: [translation] Update pt_BR translation (davide)
0000175: [feature] Display total of Bytes for each Pool (davide)
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Released 2015-03-26
0000166: [bug] joblogs.php is showing wrong jobid (davide)
0000168: [bug-php] Division by zero warning in Jobs report page (davide)
0000162: [bug] Client jobs filter does not work in Jobs report page (davide)
0000165: [bug] Problem with the catalog selector (davide)
0000163: [bug-php] Dashboard: Selected period in period selector do not reflect user's choice (davide)
0000167: [bug] Problem enabling Smarty template cache (davide)
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Released 2015-01-23
Bugfix and maintenance release
0000137: [bug-php] Pie graph empty if there's no value (davide)
0000160: [bug-html] Graphs loaded randomly (issue 146 not yet fixed) (davide)
0000146: [bug] Graphs sometimes disappear on Firefox 33.0 (davide)
0000147: [bug-php] Improve support for PHP version >= 5.5 (davide)
0000140: [bug-php] Fix and improve breadcrumb navigation (davide)
0000145: [bug-design] Catalog selector should display current catalog name (davide)
0000158: [bug-php] Catalog id stored in user session should not take precedence over default catalog (davide)
0000150: [bug-php] Improve check of $_GET value for joblogs.php (davide)
0000156: [bug-php] Icon not visible for completed jobs with errors in Jobs report page (davide)
0000154: [bug-php] Potential bug in constant definition ( (davide)
0000153: [bug-php] Missing file include in client report page (davide)
0000151: [bug-php] Period string not translated in Dashboard (davide)
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Released 2014-11-23
Minor bugfix release
0000143: [documentation] bacula-web 7.0.0 and the latest version of wget ?? (davide)
0000144: [bug-php] Backup job report - php errors in logs (davide)
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Released 2014-11-19
0000091: [bug-design] Visibility long volume-names (davide)
0000077: [bug-design] "Pools and volumes status" pie and legend overlap with long names. (davide)
0000083: [bug] Bacula-web dashboard queries to *sql does not take into account timezone differences. (davide)
0000132: [translation] Update pt_BR translation (davide)
0000138: [bug-php] Display job compression rate only for Backup jobs (davide)
0000135: [feature] Add Stored Files graph in Dashboard (davide)
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Released 2014-07-29
0000130: [bug-php] Y axis title is missing on some bar graphs (davide)
0000113: [bug-php] Bar plot graphs display data based on 1GB only (davide)
0000115: [bug-design] Add a "reset" in Jobs report option box (davide)
0000114: [feature] Order jobs by date in Jobs report page (davide)
0000108: [bug-mysql] Error with catalog size with MySQL 5.5.32 (Ubuntu0.12.04.1) (davide)
0000120: [feature] Display Jobs speed and compression in Backup Job report page (davide)
0000111: [bug-php] Problem with Jobs Report page and PHP prior 5.2 - Call to undefined function date_parse() (davide)
0000116: [bug-php] division by zero after update to 6.0.0 (davide)
0000126: [bug-php] Wrong value for Total files and Total bytes in Dashboard (davide)
0000124: [bug-php] PHP class autoloader do not work when Bacula-Web not under Apache root folder (davide)
0000123: [bug-php] Job summary shows as single line in joblogs.php (davide)
0000121: [bug-php] Job log not using
for EOL (davide)
0000127: [security-issue] XSS and SQL injection security issue (davide)
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Released 2013-11-11
0000043: [feature] Job Status Report for a specific client (davide)
0000073: [feature] Widget "Last 24 hours status" should be switchable to LAST_WEEK and LAST_MONTH (davide)
0000076: [bug-design] Add noscript submit button where ever it does not exist (example provided) (davide)
0000089: [bug-mysql] Bypass database size information in Dashboard for MySQL version 4.x.x (davide)
0000098: [bug] gitignore included in tarball (davide)
0000101: [bug-pgsql] Wrong SQL to make 'Last used volumes graph' (davide)
0000102: [bug-pgsql] error on get information from remote postgresql server (davide)
0000106: [feature] Default jobs number settings in configuration (davide)
0000107: [feature] Jobs average speed in Jobs and backup job report (davide)
0000067: [feature] Dashboard date range selector (davide)
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Released 2013-04-21
0000095: [bug-mysql] Obtaining db size fails for large catalogs databases (davide)
0000096: [bug-mysql] SQLSTATE[22003]: Numeric value out of range: 1690 BIGINT UNSIGNED value is out of range (davide)
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Released 2013-04-01
0000075: [bug-pgsql] Special Character in db_name results in "database does not exist" (davide)
0000079: [bug] Slow graphs generation (davide)
0000086: [bug] Wrong waiting jobs count in Dashboard widgets (davide)
0000087: [bug-mysql] issue accessing dashboard page with MySQL 5.0.32-7 (davide)
0000090: [bug-html] Remove the top white bar on the main page. (davide)
0000093: [bug-mysql] Database error (davide)
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Released 2013-01-24
0000066: [bug-pgsql] new bacula-web install reports SQL error (davide)
0000068: [bug-pgsql] pgsql bug with Pools graph in dashboard (davide)
0000078: [bug-php] Last 24 hour summary if reporting the runnign jobs incorrectly (davide)
0000080: [bug] Wrong jobs count value in last used volumes widget (Dashboard) (davide)
0000081: [bug-php] Wrong FileSets information in Catalog statistics widget (davide)
0000082: [bug-php] Wrong Clients information in Catalog statistics widget (davide)
0000085: [bug-pgsql] pgsql bug with Pools and volumes widget when more than 9 Pools (davide)
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Released 2012-12-15
0000003: [feature] Display total for stored volumes (davide)
0000044: [feature] Job status report - Sort job list by different column (davide)
0000063: [bug-sqlite] Jobs list - Elapsed time incorrect for running jobs (davide)
0000071: [bug-design] Missleading colors in dashboard (davide)
0000050: [bug-php] unable to access to the interface"Blank page" (davide)
0000047: [bug-php] index.php is blank (Fatal error: DrawGraph(): No data array in /opt/baculaweb/core/external/phplot/phplot.php on line 1701) (davide)
0000039: [feature] multiple catalogs: shows all pools from all catalogs (davide)
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Released 2012-08-10
0000033: [bug] Client report stops at RestoreJob (BaculaWeb 5.1.0 alpha) (davide)
0000038: [feature] with multiple catalogs every client is shown in Reports drop down (davide)
0000042: [feature] Dashboard can not show all graph legends (davide)
0000045: [feature] Backup job - ability to see logs (davide)
0000055: [translation] Upgrade pt_BR translation (davide)
0000057: [bug-html] Bacula-web does not display a version string in the web interface (davide)
0000061: [bug-html] Design issue with Internet explorer 8 (davide)
0000058: [bug-html] client-report.php is reporting deprecated notice errors about split() (davide)
0000059: [bug-html] Large numbers are showing apostrophes instead of commas for thousands separator when language is set to en_EN (davide)
0000062: [bug-php] SQLite connection issue - invalid data source name (davide)
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Released 2012-05-24
0000048: [translation] Updated French translation (davide)
0000049: [bug-mysql] Port setting for database not picked up (davide)
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Released 2011-12-11
0000010: [bug] Improve postgreSQL (davide)
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Version: 5.1.0 (alpha)
Release date: released on 25th July 2011
0000006: [feature] Scale Down bytes backed up to Kbytes, Mbytes or Gbytes (davide)
0000011: [bug] Wrong size of database with postgreSQL (davide)
0000012: [bug] Wrong spelling in popup (davide)
0000019: [bug] Unreadable dates in graph (davide)
0000022: [bug-php] List of jobs are no more display as expected (davide)
0000024: [bug-design] Improve design of Bacula-Web when there's a lot of volumes (davide)
0000025: [bug] Images not appearing correctly in latest version (davide)
0000026: [bug-pgsql] PostgreSQL error (davide)
0000004: [bug] Make w3c standard html code (davide)
0000027: [bug-php] PHP Errors (davide)
0000029: [bug-pgsql] Unable to get volume number from catalog (davide)
0000030: [bug-html] Error.gif instead of Images (davide)
0000031: [bug-php] Big Red X in right side when Full mode is enabled (davide)
0000034: [bug-php] Useless PEAR:DB include in file (davide)
0000041: [bug-php] Got an error in bacula 3.1.0 while in test page of php. (davide)
0000007: [feature] Use JPgraph instead of phplot (davide)
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Released 2010-11-02
Version 5.0.3
Release date: 2nd November 2010
Status: beta
0000021: [bug] Wrong expire date in volumes list (davide)
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