Scheduled For Release 2017-11-13
Release candidate version 8.0.0-rc2
0000234: [bug-php] Directors report page problem if a Bacula catalog is unreachable (davide)
0000092: [feature] Implement user authentication (davide)
0000217: [documentation] Update documentation with Nginx and Apache server configuration (davide)
0000230: [bug-php] Exception message Language translation problem (davide)
0000233: [bug] Wrong empty volume's date (davide)
0000232: [bug-php] Error while ordering volumes (davide)
0000231: [bug-php] Volume slot number should be set to n/a if not in changer (davide)
0000227: [bug-php] Deprecated split() function with PHP-7.0 in BWeb class (davide)
0000226: [bug] Clicking job name in jobs.php gives http error 500 (davide)
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